Arsineh Arakel, Esq.


ARSINEH ARAKEL, Esq. is a partner with KJT Law Group, LLP, managing the workers’ compensation practice. Prior to KJT Law Group, Arsineh worked as a sole practitioner successfully representing injured employees, and medical providers in workers’ compensation matters, and changing the legal paradigm on several key issues.

Arsineh has and continues to engage in philanthropic and grassroots level movements to influence public policy with a powerful voice, while empowering injured workers across California. She is an avid believer in fighting for the rights of employees who suffer in pain, and are neglected by the goliath insurance carrier. Arsineh has worked with notable members of the workers’ compensation community, including non-profits, to challenge the Governor and Sacramento’s politician’s who propose unjust laws that are chipping away benefits to the injured workers.

Arsineh is licensed to practice law in the State of California and the US District Court, Central District of California.