Garo Madenlian, Esq.


GARO MADENLIAN, Esq. has years of experience as a Deputy District Attorney where as a prosecutor he handled countless misdemeanor and felony criminal cases, as well as numerous appeals. He has had impressive results in over 50 jury trials, preliminary hearings, probation violation hearings and evidentiary hearings related to various legal issues including the suppression of evidence. He was also assigned to the San Bernardino County Drug court where those addicted to narcotics participated in counseling and rehabilitation programs in lieu of prison.

As a prosecutor, Mr. Madenlian honed his skills as a trial attorney and now brings these skills and knowledge to defending the accused, effectively anticipating tactics and staying a step ahead. His criminal cases include driving under the influence (DUI); drug possession including sales and transportation; prostitution and sex crimes; manslaughter; assaults and batteries; violent crimes with great bodily injury (GBI); petty thefts, residential and commercial burglaries; weapons charges; domestic violence; and complex identity theft and embezzlement cases.