Paul Caputo, Esq.


PAUL CAPUTO, Esq. has represented small business owners and individuals since November 1995. Mr. Caputo represented businesspeople in his first few years of practice. He defended them against commercial lenders and other financial institutions whenever the business owner had financial difficulties. He also formed over 50 corporations and LLC’s. He litigated many partnership and shareholder disputes, as well as breach of contract cases.

In 1998, Mr Caputo expanded his legal expertise by preparing estate planning (such as trusts), primarily for business people and for single parents. For some clients, he emphasized the trusts into tax planning and asset protection.

In 2009, Mr. Caputo began litigating against large banks who were unfairly foreclosing on the homes of individual homeowners. Throughout the years, Mr .Caputo has gained the respect of the lenders. The vast majority of the banks are currently accommodating Mr. Caputo without the need of much further litigation.